Theme support, and a theme to go with it

Posted by Denny at 18:24 on Fri, 15 Nov 2019

Today I merged theme support for the main site, and a theme. The Perl version of ShinyCMS doesn't have theme support in the same way, although obviously you can change its templates (it'd be a pretty rubbish CMS otherwise!) - but this time, with the benefit of hindsight, I set out to make a much clearer distinction between the default 'functional' templates and the theme templates. Hopefully this will make it easier to (a) build a new site with a slightly (or very) different look from any other site built on the same CMS, (b) make it much easier to keep the CMS up-to-date without accidentally overwriting its templates or your own, and (c) make it easier for other people to contribute themes of their own in future. (If theme creation is your thing, take a look at docs/ and let me know if you have any questions!)

This PR also adds the first theme, based on the Halcyonic theme from HTML5 UP. There are a lot of great themes on that site, all free to use and re-use, but Halcyonic is one of the few that's well suited to a very content-rich website - so it seemed like a good choice given the size of the ShinyCMS feature list! I do hope to create many more themes from the others offered by HTML5 UP though, when I have time to work on that - or maybe somebody else will beat me to it. :)

Tags: themes halcyonic html5up

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