February 2021: The 'quiet after the storm' release

Posted by Denny at 19:55 on Mon, 01 Feb 2021

A quiet month, after last month's big bang of Ruby + Rails upgrades!

Bug fixes include tags on hidden content being hidden now, a fix to user profile instantiation in dev that stops the User.profile relation vanishing under stress, and more robust handling of attempts to hit non-existent non-HTML resources (usually by malware).

Various bits of work on code quality - in particular, refactoring around the User model, and moving admin 'quick search' implementation details from controllers to models. Also, properly adding Ruby Critic, and continuing to nibble away at the things it highlights.

The MJML syntax validator was rewritten to use 'mjml -v' directly, rather than going through the Mjml::Parser gem.

Changes to error handling to make it more standard - mostly starting with 404s.

See the release notes for more details.

Tags: releases v21-02 tags refactoring rubycritic

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