Progress in October 2019

Posted by Denny at 23:59 on Thu, 31 Oct 2019

Feature list at end of October 2019:

  • Pages
    • Pages
      • Layout driven by page template
      • Generates element stack (editable content) based on template used
    • Sections
      • Can be nested to any depth
    • Templates
      • Uses ERB file to render page
      • Generates element stack from ERB page on creation
        • Specifies which bits of content will be editable on any page created using this template
    • Pages and sections slugs
      • Auto-generated if left blank
      • Checked against controller URL namespaces if page/section is top-level (/page or /section rather than /this/page and /that/section)
  • Users
    • Powered by Devise
      • All standard features enabled except OAuth
      • Login/logout, register, confirm registration, change password, forgot password, etc etc
  • Admin area
    • Requires login
    • Checks allowed IP list
  • i18n (internationalisation) support

The project also has some docs beyond the README now... including a Code of Conduct.

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