June 2021: The 'Happy Birthday, Fliss!' Edition

Posted by Denny at 10:48 on Wed, 02 Jun 2021

Today is my flatmate’s birthday! And it was either name this month’s release for that, or call it ‘the unemployed layabout release’ - I finished my previous job on Friday (after 5 years!), and haven’t quite sorted out the next job yet :-o Anyway, for ShinyCMS, this month was mostly about finishing up the View Components conversion in the admin area that I started last month - although route partials got a complete rewrite along the way.

Also, controllers/mailers/components/etc in the feature plugins no longer inherit their common/integration behaviour from Base classes in the core plugin, they now include it from modules instead. I think this looser coupling gives better boundaries between the plugins (as enforced by Packwerk, of course!)

Also also, I got an unexpected PR with some documentation fixes this week, which cheered me up loads (thanks Paul!) - leaving a job that lasted that long is kinda weird emotionally, so some friendly collaboration with a stranger was much appreciated :)

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