March 2021: The 'Yo dawg I herd u liek CMS' release

Posted by Denny at 08:49 on Mon, 01 Mar 2021

Headline for this release: I moved almost all the code that was still in main_app, into a plugin! :-o

I also wrote a lot more code to support the Plugins 'infrastructure' or framework or whatever you'd call it I used the Persistent Diamond immutable data structures to underpin the Plugin subsystem; so far so good, so probably more of that in future.

New plugin! ShinySEO can generate sitemaps for Googe et al (although it's not automated yet)

(Lots) more details in the release notes, which nearly turned into a blog post this month for some reason.

Note, installing on Heroku right now seems problematic; I had to remove Pry from the Gemfile to get it working personally, they seem to be unable to find one of its dependencies although I had no trouble locally.

Tags: releases v21-03 plugins immutability ShinySEO

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