MJML, comment notifications, and reCAPTCHA for registrations

Posted by Denny at 19:51 on Sat, 22 Feb 2020

Today I added reCAPTCHA to the user registration process. This included doing some refactoring of the existing reCAPTCHA protection on comments, to make some of that code more re-usale.

I also added MJML support, and comment notifications.

The comment notifications go out to the owner of the site (can be configured on/off), the author of the content being commented on (if it has an author), and (in the case of not-top-level comments) the author of the comment being replied to, if we have an email address for them.

The Perl version of ShinyCMS doesn't use MJML - I decided to use it this time because my current job has made me quite painfully aware of how inconsistent the most popular webmail services are when compared to each other - and that's on top of the problems everybody is already aware of with HTML email in general. You can still use HTML when you're creating your email templates if you want - the MJML rendering engine is happy with the two markup languages being completely intermingled - but using MJML syntax where possible will allow that rendering engine to compensate for some of the known inconsistencies at those major email providers.

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