Happy New Feature/Year!

Posted by Denny at 22:41 on Tue, 31 Dec 2019

Just before I run out of 2019, I've merged one last PR for the year; this adds the blog post 'teaser' method (and some other odds and ends for the blog).

This project has been running for 3 months now; I think it's going okay, although sometimes when I look at the size of the to-do list, and compare it to the 'done' list, I'm a bit daunted. The original really did acquire a lot of features over the years! Still, it's good to have goals right? ;) And I'm definitely getting more comfortable hacking on Ruby now, which was my original objective for this project.

So, bring on 2020, and hopefully many more CMS features :) I hope to have reached feature parity with the Perl version before the next NYE is upon us, although of course that does depend on the rest of life behaving itself. Wish me luck!

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