ShinyCMS is born!

Posted by Denny at 18:38 on Tue, 01 Oct 2019

Today is the (slightly arbitrary) official start date of the ShinyCMS project :)

Slightly arbitrary because although I merged adds basic page features today - turning this project from a generic minimal Rails skeleton into something that definitely intends to be a CMS - looking at that PR you might notice that there were three PRs in the few days before this.

For the sake of a nice memorable start date, I've decided that those first three PRs don't count :-p

(They added the output of 'rails new ShinyCMS-ruby', fixed a load of Rubocop failures in Rails boilerplate, and added some config for meta-tooling such as CircleCI and Codecov. Nothing very interesting.)

You also might notice that the project name is ShinyCMS-ruby, and wonder what language it was written in before... and when that version was started. The answers are 'Perl', and '2009' - I'll write a bit more about that in my next post.

For now, here's an excerpt from the current README file for this version of the project, which includes the planned feature list...

The Perl version of ShinyCMS has the following features:
  • Content-managed pages, page templates, and forms
  • User accounts, profiles and administration
  • Blog
  • News/PR section
  • Newsletters (HTML mailshots)
  • Online shop
  • Membership system which can control access to files, pages, or even paragraphs
  • Payment handling system which can handle recurring subscriptions
  • Tags on blog posts, news posts, forum posts, and shop items
  • Nested comment threads on blog posts, news posts, forum posts, and shop items
  • 'Likes' on blog posts, shop items, and comments
  • Event listings
  • Forums
  • Polls
  • 'Shared content' - store text and HTML fragments for re-use throughout a site
I hope to re-implement all of these eventually... hopefully improving on some of them in the process.

So, that should keep me busy for a while...

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