ShinyCMS - clean and simple content management

ShinyCMS is an open-source content management system intended for use by web designers and web developers who want to keep a clear distinction between the markup they create and the content their clients can edit.
On a ShinyCMS-powered site, the pages are constructed using template files on disk which are mostly standard HTML (or XHTML). The CMS then inserts text and images specified by the database in places designated by special tokens (the templating language used is the well-known and flexible Template Toolkit).  The only things the end-user can edit are these small pieces of database-driven content - not the whole page.
This way of working means that it's almost impossible for the end-user to accidentally break the page layout when they edit their content. It also means that the page-editing interface is very clear and simple - making it easy for non-technical people to update the website.
ShinyCMS has a number of features already in place, and more on the way.  Take a look at our feature list to see what's already working, and at our 'to do' list (on github) for what's coming soon.
ShinyCMS is built in Perl using the Catalyst framework.  We're currently working towards a 1.0 release, but if you're interested in trying it out before then, you can download a copy of the code here - please drop us an email to <2014 at> to let us know how you're getting on, or come and chat to us in #shinycms on